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About tarm® laser

Tarm® has been founded in the end of the 1970s by R. Müller and has mainly focused on acoustic and sound engineering. Soon after the foundation, the focus shifted more and more towards laser technology. 1986 the Tarm® Center was founded in Bochum – a spectacular nightclub with completely new event-concept and a massive setup of show laser systems – which was very extraordinary at that time, as the whole show laser technology fully based on gas laser systems, which not only were really huge, but also consumed an enormous amount of electrical power and water for the cooling.

R. Müller and R. Krumhus founded a new business entity under the tarm® brand in 1983, both being CEOs at equal shares.

tarm® did a lot of pioneering work to the still young show laser light industry in the following years.

The biggest nightclubs world wide were equipped with tarm® laser systems. Multiplex cinemas, theme parcs, musicals, luxury yachts and every type of venue with show lasers used tarm® laser systems.

Shares of tarm® were sold to Schneider Laser Technologies in 1999 with the target to establish Laser TV in the entertainment industry. However, this did not work out in the end, so all shares were bought back by the original owners.

After years of economical difficulties tarm® laser technologies tlt GmbH & Co. KG bought the parental company in 2003, with R. Krumhus becoming the CEO.

Beginning of 2016, tarm® laser technologies joined the Laserworld Group for being able to expand further and target more international markets. New product lines have been established since, and the huge distribution network of the Laserworld Group helps in spreading the tarm® brand to an even broader market.

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Tarm® provides laser show solutions and is a well-known manufacturer of show laser light systems. It is possible to buy laser systems as well as to rent laser systems.


tarm® tlt GmbH is member of the Laserworld Group:

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