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Nearly any kind of show production can be enhanced by a laser show: Not only does it add additional visual impact to the production itself, it also creates an emotional component that catches the audience. No matter if the laser show is a beam show or graphics show – there are multiple ways of creating spectacular effects.

Tarm has offered laser shows and laser show services for more than 35 years. Thousands of laser shows have been done by tarm or with products of tarm over the years.

There are many occasions when laser shows are the right emphasis for your event:

Laser shows at corporate events, business events

Corporate and business events usually have strict requirements arising from the company’s CI (company logos, corporate color set, etc.) and general brand related regulations. So implementing a laser show at a corporate event sometimes seems to be difficult. With high professional laser systems, like tarm uses, it is possible to match nearly any requirement given from customer side. We plan and design the laser or multimedia show exactly to the requirements and make sure the whole show implementation is carried out in a high professional way – with matching colors, discrete technical hardware and crisp clear laser visuals.

Laser shows and multimedia productions

Show laser light systems are often used together with other media, like video, conventional lighting, fire, CO2 and water effects, in order to enhance the visual and emotional impact. Tarm and the Laserworld Group have many years experience in combining several media outputs, including lasers, to one exciting, spectacular show experience. It is not only about having the many media installed on site – a multimedia show is about the symbiosis of the different media. No matter if it’s about water fountains or fire effects in combination with laser show displays – tarm and the Laserworld Group know how to set the show and have the high professional equipment for doing so.

Laser shows as an alternative to fireworks or to enhance firework displays

Sometimes it is not possible or not allowed to do fireworks at an event – a laser show can be a great alternative. But a laser show is not only a great alternative – it’s an even greater enhancement of a fireworks display: The smoke that is produced by the firework shells on detonation forms a great projection surface for laser beams. It is usually not possible to bring smoke and haze very high up in the air, but the smoke from fireworks provides a great number of particles in the air to reflect the laser beam and thus make it visible. This means that a combination of fireworks and laser show are a spectacular symbiosis.

Laser shows in nightclubs

Laser show applications in nightclubs are probably the most common perception of the use of lasers for show and display purposes. And of course tarm provides different show solutions for nightclubs as well. Although most nightclubs tend to rather buy lasers for their venue, it is also common to get new show content or have special laser shows with much more laser systems at special occasions. Tarm equips nightclubs with laser systems and also provides laser shows for nightclubs all around the world.

Outdoor laser shows

Outdoor laser shows add several additional challenges to the general requirements for laser shows: They usually require waterproof laser systems and they usually need to be far more powerful than laser systems for indoor use. Tarm has a large pool of laser systems that meet these requirements and are especially designed for outdoor show. Besides that we and our local partners have many years experience in working with authorities all around the world regarding permissions and regulations for outdoor laser displays that point towards the sky.

Laser shows in amusement parks, rides and attractions

Amusement parks compete with others in having the greatest rides and attractions. As many rides have similar concepts nowadays, it’s necessary to find additional enhancements to have the “little extra”. A laser show display is a great way for making a ”normal” ride an outstanding one. Please contact us for further details and ideas on how to improve your attraction and the ride in your amusement park.

Laser shows at festivals and on big stage

In times when EDM grew big and the number of festivals constantly increases worldwide, the demand for laser shows for festivals and big stage shows is growing as well. However, a laser show at a festival is not just setting up a bunch of cheap lasers and then pressing some colored buttons on a controller – if done correctly, there are professional laser systems in place (also for safety reasons) and the laser show operator has many years experience not only in doing a beat and design matching laser show, but also in laser safety regulations. This is most important, as bad and dangerous laser control can lead to injuries or even fire and explosions.
tarm can help you in making a spectacular festival show – no matter if it’s a EDM, a Rock, a Metal or Classical Music festival.

Tarm® not only offers laser show and multimedia show services, but is also a well-known manufacturer of show laser light systems. Therefore it is possible to buy laser systems as well as to rent laser systems at tarm® as well.

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